They will give a free online talk about introduction to Bitcoin, Blockchain and Stablecoins


Organized by CryptoResources, on Wednesday, July 1st, an online talk will be held, from Argentina, called “Introduction to Bitcoin, Blockchain and Stablecoins”. This was reported via LinkedIn.

The talk will be given by economist Jorgelina Echavarría, who is an educator in finance and decentralized technologies. But in addition, Camilo Cristia, co-founder of Qubit Brokers, will also participate. He will speak specifically about Stablecoins, explain its main aspects and answer questions from the audience. The initiative is free of charge with prior registration.

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Potential of cryptomontages
On May 6, Cointelegraph en Español interviewed Jorgelina Echavarría. On that occasion, she spoke about the potential of Bitcoin and cryptomontages, and said

“The potential of Bitcoin and cryptomonies is enormous in many ways and goes beyond the monetary. There is a spillover effect into other areas of the economy. It impacts socially and technologically. In principle, it is necessary to redefine the relationship between the state and money, and crypto currencies are very powerful tools because they give greater freedom to individuals, who now have the option of being their own bank.

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The young economist and educator also referred to the stablecoins:

“To maintain the value of their assets, savers prefer to keep their capital in a stable currency like the dollar, without being tied to the uncertainty that Bitcoin possesses. In the crypto world, this function is fulfilled by the stablecoins, since they serve as a safeguard against the loss of value of the currency, as is the case of the Argentine peso (…) Another characteristic of this market is its practicality, since it operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and without a spread between buying and selling. Moreover, in Argentina, there is no limit imposed by the government on the purchase of stablecoins (neither is the case of Bitcoin)”.

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CryptoRocket and CryptoResources
CryptoRocket is a consulting firm and is the place where the Cryptoresources Academy was founded. There they give free lectures every Wednesday at 7 pm. They explain the basics of bitcoin and blockchain.